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My wonderful two weeks at STEIM this year can be summed up in a single button.  Check out the difference in these two pictures below:


Cutter 8 Chan

I have been writing a modular improvisation interface in SuperCollider for the past two years.  I wrote this software so that I could have a flexible and expandable interface that could change in every new performance situation I found myself in.  I live in New York City, where multichannel situations are rare (and you are lucky to even get a matched stereo pair of speakers).  So, my software has, up to this point, been in stereo.  However, I have a couple of situations coming up where I will be able to use a multichannel setup – performances in Huddersfield, UK and a couple of big shows in NYC.  So, it seemed like time to overhaul the software for multichannel.  This process involved rewriting code in each of my 40 or so modules and overhauling some of the structural code of the software.  The result is not visually very interesting.  In fact, it amounts to that little button added to each module as you see above.  However, the sonic result is something we can all imagine.  4 or 8 speakers means more space for sounds to exist, and so far I have been super excited to hear the results.  My multichannel software was premiered in a performance at STEIM on 20 August, sharing the stage with Anne LaBerge, Yedo Gibson, Daniel Schorno, and Oscar Jan Hoogland.  This coming week I get to use it in performance with Peter Evans and Jim Altieri at The Tank in New York, and in February Anne LaBerge and I will perform at the University of Huddersfield’s GEMDays festival in an 8 channel wall of diffusion.
Thanks to STEIM for the time and resources for working on this project.  I had a great time!
Sam Pluta

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