STEIM’s Season Ending Concert

Last friday the 18th of june 2010, STEIM hosted its ‘traditional’ season ending event, this time with four individual performers. The evening opened  with Ben Terwel, who took a whole new apporoach to the crackle synth by touching rods to bend electronic sounds. The work has definitely potential, although I have to say the performance was a bit short. Below a few pictures I shot of this performance….

After that, a stage change and on to ‘oldtimer’ Mark Trayle, who first visited Steim 17 years ago. He gave a wonderful performance using (as far as I understood) resonating wood saws (see picture below) as a sound source for his music software and in the second part he used all kinds of credit cards, pin passes, as source material for the second half of the performance.

After his performance he rightfully returned the credit cards to their respective owners….

The next performance was presented by Japanese musician Daysuke Takaoka, and it was a performance in the old electro-acoustic tradition, meaning no computer processing involved. He played the tuba in a way I at least had never heard nor seen before and eventually turned it into a fantastic percussion instrument. It was a very lively and engaging performance!

Since all the chairs were already removed from the concert space after the break, the audience expected something special and that expectation was fulfilled by DJ Elephant Power who brought this evening to an incredible climax with his highly danceable music. What a great way to end our concert season!

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