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I came to STEIM in November of 2009 to participate in the Orientation Workshop. I had an inspiring week, learning more about STEIM, their software and electronic instruments, and the work of the artists there. I was particularly interested in the ease that LiSa and JunXion offer for live performance.
Robert van Heumen directed our workshop and his presentations were really interesting and clear. We also had presentations by some of the Steim staff that included –Takuro Mizuta Lippit, Nico Bes, Frank Baldé, and Daniel Schorno. Here we had the opportunity to hear about their individual work – from software development to live interactive performance.
I had been looking a sensor to integrate with my violin/electronics work. Daniel Schorno offered to help me with this and we talked about the options for my building a sensor, including the type of sensor and its placement. We decided to build something simple from a Wii controller. Daniel broke apart the Wii, encased the circuit board, and attached a USB to it. I decided to have it placed on my wrist as opposed to the frog of my bow, as it seems it will invite a more fluid way of interaction. Currently, I am working on integrating the sensor into my Max/MSP patch.
While I knew we would be learning about liSa, JunXion and other Steim products, overall, the Orientation Workshop exceeded my expectations with the presentation we received and the assistance I had with the sensor. My week at Steim was also filled with interesting conversation with artists from a number of places in the world. It was a great place to exchange ideas, giving me inspiration and ideas for the next steps forward. Thanks to everyone at Steim for a great week and your support.
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