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After being a bit overwhelmed by a storm of interesting projects shown in the lectures of the orientation workshop, my mind just flied around with new ideas triggered by all that information, and now a bit ironically i got to the conclusion that i will just keep on doing what i do.
i thought that persisting in updating a XIX century instrument like the traverse flute (bohem system), by processing it, instead of working with a more actual tool, could be a bit retrograde. As an example of inconvenience, for the DSP you have to accept for instance the presence of the acoustic (dry) sound of the flute which (obviously) will always be there and for me sometimes feels like showing your nudity in front of people that you don’t really want to.
But every instrument/work we saw these days (and i am quite sure every instrument), either came out as a way of dealing with a particular problem, or it was developed “thanks” to the same reason.
So yes, is not that astonishing conclusion to say that problems are what make us grow, but for now i will stay with my retro instrument and all its nuisances, and hopefully develop it (for instance with a good mapping in JunXion and a more effective sensor system) in response to my necessities.
Here a couple of examples (in mp3) recorded in Studio 2 (at Steim), yesterday and this afternoon, working on three different materials with the same form (except for the coda on the 1st piece)
flute+computer+sound card+close micing (DPA, audix)+pure data+JunXion boX+volume pedal[audio:http://steim.lc.network/projectblog/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/air.mp3|titles=air]

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