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In ironically STiME-bending fashion, I was thick in the midst of preparing a quasi 1960’s style muti-media ‘happening’ while attending the March 2010 orientation (9th to 16th) at STEIM. Describing all the specific ins and outs of the “concert” on March 19th, 2010 in a blog would be somewhat like hiking up a 4000m mountain in my mind. The best way to sum everything up would have to be a quote about an onion from New Dutch Swing (by Kevin Whitehead) that I can’t seem to find. Thanks to Andreas Otto (a fellow guest-house resident) for turning me on to that book! I’ll make sure to post some of the visually colorful (mostly-likely aurally feedback-heavy) results of that glorious happening in cyburr-space in the near future.

My expectations prior to my STEIM visit were pretty scattered. Mainly, I just wanted someone to tell me what STEIM is (or was). Other expectations were joysticks, wii remotes and motion sensors. I definitely had my fair share of the latter… But I still don’t know what STEIM is (or was) and, to tell the truth, I’m glad that I don’t; I don’t think anybody really does (or should).

What I achieved while staying at STEIM is another story. My main goal was basically to work as much, and sleep as little, as possible. Acoustic/Electric/Analog/Digital… Hoe laat is it? Alle is altiyd lekker. Graphixxx Scores were composed late at night and then colored upon with oil pastels the following morning. A remix I’ve been constantly pondering of Wagner’s infamous Tristan und Isolde was thoroughly de-constructed as I attacked it relentlessly in Studio2 with a joystick, wii remote, and camera data (thanks to Frank Balde’s glorious program Junxion). [Keep your eyes out for the full-length audio-visual Remix coming soon; it will be sold exclusively at designated fritteurs throughout Europe] Throw in a few late night improvised smooth-jazz sessions with fellow STEIM-travelers and you’ve got a bona-fide schmorgesborg.

The point is that STEIM is an extremely excellent place to get a lot done<–

Also, public thanks to Tim Vets for his well timed help with “algorithmic node logic.”
To Reed for his glorious and insightful comments about Raaijmaakers’ process based art practices. And to everybody that is STEIM… Robert, Frank, Daniel, Jan-Bas Bollen, Wouter Snoei, Kristina, Taku, Nico… Anybody that has, does, or will work there in the future.

Sean Winters
April 2, 2010

(And respect to Sean Williams for, well, being named Sean Williams)

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