Alex Nowitz > Artistic Residency September 4-17, 2009


1) Problems regarding unwanted distortion with my existing setup, which consists of 2 Wii-Remotes, LiSa, junXion, Mackie mixer 1202VLZ, Digidesign Interface, wireless headset system Shure ULXP4 and a DPA microphone, have been examined and solved. Also the balancing of levels between original and resampled material have been adjusted applying a different way of routing between mixer, interface and settings within LiSa. The new routing is less complex and, at the same time gives more control and flexibility on input levels. (Mentoring: Daniel Schorno, Robert van Heumen)

2) The existing LiSa patch has been extended while adding an extra sample buffer. There are now two of them available which gives me the possibility to go back and forth between both. This way and for the purpose of resampling new material it isn’t necessary anymore to delete the content of the sample buffer. (Mentoring and programming: Daniel Schorno).
3) New ideas towards a new electronic instrument have been exchanged and discussed with the staff of STEIM. The idea of incorporating the concept of playing the instrument in a ‚conventional way’, meaning playing accurate pitches on a basis of  chromatic and/or quarter tone scales (pianistic approach), into the existing setup has been discussed. The limitation regarding the playability of the Wii-Remotes, like fast and fluent scales, trills and tremolos in a virtuosic way is obvious. Therefore the idea of creating a new instrument from the scratch have been discussed as well as the possibility of integrating parts of the Wii-Remote. Different sessions of brainstorming with the whole staff of STEIM including Florian Göttke, a visual artist and violin maker from Germany living in Amsterdam took place. The first mock-up will be finished in mid November 2009.
Here are some examples of the first sketches I made based on the collected ideas:
4) Apart from all this I was rehearsing my solo-program STUDIES FOR A SELF-PORTRAIT for voice and live electronics of about a half an hour length. I presented it at the Warsaw Autumn on September 19th, 2009.
5) And finally I had the chance to record an exciting trio session with Cleo Palacio-Quintin from Montreal (flute and live-electronics) and Daniel Schorno (live-electronics).

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