Glen Hall > Orientation Workshop // Wrapping up at STEIM

I arrived at for my almost 2-week residency at STEIM .  After Nico Bes got me settled in the guesthouse, the 3 other residents and I were given a thorough introduction to the institute and what I does and has done.  Over the next few days we had lectures and demonstrations by Robert van Heuman, Daniel Schorno, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, and Ivo Bol, all of which were thoroughly informative and creatively stimulating for the concepts/strategies/aesthetics they embodied.
As my intended goal was to learn how to use and integrate LiSa into a piece I’m writing for improvising orchestra, I spent one-on-one time with both Robert and Daniel.  They were responsive to my questions, keen to show me how to begin building useful components of what will eventually become my setup for the piece, and forthcoming with suggestions on useful and relevant presets in LiSa.  It was my time with Robert and Daniel that was key to me beginning to develop basic competence and compositional strategies with STEIM’s software.  Daniel also turned me on to a wonderful concert of experimental compositions and improvising by some excellent musicians at Badcuypt (?), where he made a point of introducing me to some interesting artists.
STEIM is a hothouse of creativity, both on a technical level and as a place to meet other people with fascinating ideas and backgrounds.  It’s a great place to exchange information and make contacts for potential future collaborations.
I’m grateful to Robert, Daniel and Nico  for their advice, support and personal generosity.  I’m already looking forward to my return to STEIM to expand my musical language, perhaps with Wii controllers, JunXion and Frank Balde.

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