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Admittedly, I was stumped by the software, mostly through my own fault as I am definitely nowhere near being a techie, using a normal PC as hardly more than a typewriter, with my favorite instrument being a sharp pencil and pad; consequently, much of my time at STEIM was spent gathering material in and around Amsterdam for a musical or performance piece that was inspired by the presentations of Robert van Heumen and other artists  – Daniel Schorno, Ivo Bol, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec.
What immediately became clear were the possibilities offered by Lisa/Junxion, and their applications to wii and motion-tracking, as demonstrated by the aforementioned artists, to this long piece I have in mind.
Of course, I might have sat in the perfectly equipped studio reading the detailed manual, or consulted staff members whom – I witnessed – would spend all the time required to explain functions and use, but I figured my time would be better spent capturing sights and sounds around town.
The setting itself, and the chance to meet other participants – Joe, Per, and Glenn – further fired my imagination, and though it was sad to leave, I also was anxious to get away and return to my own HQ to set music to the dozen or so lyrics I wrote – in English, Italian and French, for some reason – that were inspired after the many long meanderings along the canals, and our all-too-few talks.
I also enjoyed my conversations with Frank Balde’ and Nico Bes, to whom – like the others – I asked to consult in the future for technical and anecdotal support – and would like to thank everyone for their hospitality, and definitely would like to return to develop and implement the technical aspects I need to complete this piece, but now…to work!
Thank you, and a presto,
Luigi Monteferrante

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