STEIM is looking for interns/volunteers to assist in the documentation of selected residency projects for 2009/2010

As intern/volunteer you will:
* work closely with innovative international and local artists
* experience and witness different approaches to creative use of technology in music, sound and live performance
* learn how to document and publish multimedia projects using platforms such as DVD and videoblogs
* experience STEIM from the inside and interact with visiting artists
* help STEIM move on to its next 40 years
* get a genuine STEIM cracklebox and other goodies such as t-shirts and free lunches or dinners with our crew

The intern/volunteer will conduct interviews with the artists and technicians, document the progress of the project on audio and video and in writing, select and edit the material and present this in a multi-media format. The documentation will be done in English and will be available online and published yearly.

This is not a full time job. You will have a lot of freedom to determine your own work hours. Together, we will agree on reasonable deadlines for specific documentation projects.

Please respond by sending an email with resumé and motivation to

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