Henry Vega > IMINAMI: an electronic music theatre rehearsal

Henry Vega, music; Anat Spiegel, voice; Georg Hobmeier, director.
We were in the STEIM studios to rehearse IMINAMI, an electronic-music theatre piece, for an upcoming performance at the Musica Electronica Nova Festival in Wroclaw PL (May 11-12 ’09). We created this piece partly at STEIM where we experimented with all kinds of media to see if they could sum up to something impressive on stage that was also practical to travel with.
We had initially used video tracking and wireless microphones to see if a performance instrument could be made sturdy enough to allow a dancer/singer to shape sound instruments and video projections according to her movement. But the tracking became to difficult and the current piece does mainly amplitude tracking via SuperCollider and sends this via OSC to Processing to manipulate projections. The rehearsal mainly reacquainted the performer with the score, the triggers and tunning of the tracker as well as theatrical notes for the piece.

The IMINAMI character is based on La Llorona, a Latin-American myth, a deity who is both revered and feared. We tried using amplitude tracking in a way that it would give this character a God-like feel as well as to play on the whole culture of folklore surrounding her image. Each time the performer shouts into the microphone an event is generated based on a couple of parameters keeping each response fresh and slightly distinct from preceding ones. Most musical materials are also generated according to rules which decide choices in the rhythm, scale, octave, space and gesture.
All sound generation and tracking was done in SuperCollider. Video projections were made in Processing. Video tracking was done in EyeCon (Freider Weiss). Three microphones were used: 1 DPA for amplification and vocal sampling; 2 Rhode only for triggering SC and Processing.
more information can be found at: http://www.henryvega.net/music/iminami.php
Many thanks to Nico and Robert from STEIM for helping this production.

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