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Prior to attending STEIM, I had been developing a polyphonic guitar system that I could utilise in music performance. The system treats each string as an independent audio stream so that each may be treated as a unique instance or voice. I had hoped that my time at STEIM would have provided an opportunity to be creative with my instrument. These expectations were met, and more. I was impressed with the capabilities of LiSa and Junxion and how these pieces of software might help me to realise my objective to treat the guitar as a controller as well as a musical instrument. Therefore, I can step away from the MIDI foot controller paradigm often associated with live guitar performance and introduce new potential. The orientation also provided an opportunity to witness how other artists performed with music technology. I found this quite inspiring. In addition, it was an opportunity to network with the other orientation participants. As a result, I will be performing at Shoji’s performance space in Tokyo next month.
I found STEIM to be an excellent facility in which to be creative in terms of its environment and the people behind it. I would like to return to STEIM in the near future to compose and to perform.
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