PIRX new CD: deleted scenes

PIRX is Marion Wörle (aka Frau W) on laptop, using STEIM’s LiSa, and Maciej Sledziecki on guitar. They performed twice now at STEIM, the last time being a presentation of their two-week residency. ‘deleted scenes’ is the result of that residency.

When it arrived in the mail, wrapped in plastic, it seemed as if there was some kind of blue paper included, stuck on the front of the CD. It turned out to be part of the artwork. Tricksy, but interesting. I keep wanting to peep behind the blue paper to see what’s there. The cute tiny little booklet lists the tracks, and includes a couple of seemingly random images, which fit nicely together. The man with the glasses reminds me of Kurt Gödel.



The music is very much song based, with all of the 11 tracks based on a specific idea or sound. The first two are clearly a bit different (Marion told me they are actually from before their time at STEIM), but all tracks share a certain soundtrack atmosphere. Well-disguised loops, vaguely familiar realworld sounds, stuttering piano, dreamy melodies, combined with subtly prepared guitar. Some tracks remind me of Fennesz, melodies coming in and out of more noisy structures. I like how they managed to make this clearly improvised music more accesible, more melodic. All in all a great record that has been stuck in my cd player for a number of days.

[audio:PIRX 01 Testflug.mp3]
direct link : Testflug (excerpt)

[audio:PIRX 06 Ikimono no kiroku.mp3]
direct link : Ikimono no kiroku (excerpt)



PIRX is an improvising working band, founded in 2004 by Marion Wörle and Maciej Sledziecki. The two musicians work as composers for film and contemporary music. They’re also active as organizers and instrumentalists. Among other things, they are organizing the concert series NACHTJOURNAL (“night journal”) in Cologne, a platform for musicians from the electronic field as well as those playing music on “conventional” instruments.

They are co-founders and driving force of the ZAM e.V. (Zentrum für aktuelle Musik / Platform for adventurous music). In 2007, they were artistic directors for the festival /computer.musik.instrument/ which was part of the “Music Triennale Cologne”. Besides, they are involved in the projects “StadtKlangNetz” and “nimm!” as lecturers.

PIRX is working on a language of sound, which is based on interaction between digital and analogue sounds. The source material (which is mainly analogue) from the continually growing sound archive of Marion Wörle is being processed and developed by employing a multitude of electronic editing processes into the elements and raw material of their improvisations. This material has grown into a dynamic system which is able to communicate with traditional instruments. Maciej Sledziecki uses the guitar as sound generator and percussion instrument. Apart from generating melodies and harmonic structures with it, he also prepares it and makes subtle use of effects. These sounds form the raw material for the interactive collective improvisation between tonal and atonal poles.

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