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Before arriving at STEIM I had conceived an idea for a piece of music to make use of LiSa in combination with Korg Nano MIDI controllers. This would use recordings of a yodeler I had made in Norway before arriving here as the primary sound source, and use LiSa’s built in pattern sequencer to transform this gradually into something more akin to birdsong.
I had already owned a copy of LiSa for the last year, so the introduction to the program was covering more basic aspects of its use, but this is important; I would have welcomed such a practical demonstration when I had first purchased my copy, but as it was I had to go through the manual and figure things out. I did, however, learn a couple of useful, applicable features, and other information about the software I had not picked up on.
It is now down to a matter of time as to how this piece develops; Amsterdam is such a beautiful city I have decided to try and stay and find work here. With this in mind, I have spoken to STEIM members to see if there is any such work I can help with at the studios. If a more permanent living/income arrangement were successful, I would love the opportunity to make use of STEIM’s studio spaces and collection of vintage synthesizers for a recording project.
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