Concert Review: 2 weeks with Jon Rose part 1

Part 1 of a 2 week series with Jon Rose took place at STEIM with a full house audience.

Kato Hideki and Jon Rose (all photos by Dick Rijken)

Kato and Jon hadn’t played together for at least 10 years, but they were spot on from the beginning. Kato’s hand-made bass and Jon’s tenor violin matched perfectly, comfortably overlapping in frequency range but also being able to depart drastically from one another. Both of their setup was pretty minimal with just some foot pedals and volume pedals, but they utilized every bit of the instrument and dealt very well with the acoustics of the room. The performance focused on very subtle shifts, never resorting to being too extreme or too minimal. It was a fantastic performance.


Kato seems to be a man of efficiency and details. He told me that he makes quite a bit of his own recording equipment and his studio is a collection of these and old gear that he has either found very cheap or on the streets that he uses for specific textures. Listening to his group Death Ambient’s (with Fred Frith and Ikue Mori) Drunken Forest, which he recorded, mixed and produced, there is a craftsman-like quality to how the sounds are placed and mixed together.

Alfredo Genovesi, Michel Vatcher and One Man Nation

If the first group was about reduction, then the second was about expansion and extension. This was the first time Alfredo Genovesi, Michel Vatcher and One Man Nation played together, but each one of them had enough weapons under their sleeves to take on any sort of sonic challenge. Alfredo came with an array of foot pedals and effects to create heavy drones from his guitar. Michel had his drum kit and various metal object that he banged, sawed and crumpled. One Man Nation came with his standard setup of closed laptop, Monome controller, Evolution UC33 controller with piezo contacts and an Evolver synth. The trio energetically moved through dark drones and disjointed rhythms. The crowd loved it, demanding an encore at the end which is pretty rare at STEIM. The ad hoc trio seemed to be happy with this new collaboration and we hope to hear more from them.


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