Jonas Kocher > Working on amplification of the accordion

From 11th to 18th January 2009, I spent one dense week at steim, working on amplification of the accordion, searching for new possibilities on my instrument:
1. Looking to enlarge the sonic possibilities of the instrument by adding some objects on the accordion and playing with the body and bellow of the instrument, etc…
The accordion is played together with these objects or not.
2. Amplification with contact miks. working like a microscope on small sounds and noises.
3. Adding some analog electronics (mostly no-inputs devices) to the original accordion sound, using it as a kind of sine-wave oscillator.
I had also session with Dirk Bruinsma (sax, electronics) and Tao Sambolec (max/msp) who did sound treatment on my instrument. Very interesting. There is for shure something to do in this direction.
Thanks STEIM I could work intensively and in a creative context. This has been a very important week in my present artistic work.

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