PulseFF & CampoSanto

It’s always a great pleasure witnessing the genesis of new work under the roof at the Achtergracht – and subsequently following their diffusions. Two such wrought can be heard and experienced in Rotterdam/Netherlands during the Redsound festival this week from 13-15 April:


The Maastunnelproject PulseFF by Jan-Bas Bollen, who’s seen here (on the left) together with Byungjun Kwon, the STEIM developer of the installation, enjoying a break at the Lab. I’d not be surprised in the least if we’ll see this beautifully conceived sound installation in quite a few guises more after it’s premiere. By the way, take a bicycle if you can, else stay close to the walls:_)


Technical info on the installation (designed and built by Byungjun Kwon):


  • Programmable audio player(start, stop, volume, LED brightness) controlled by remote server(up to 1.5Km).
  • Self loop routine in case of missing the remote sync signal.
  • Very bright LED(phillips Luxeon, 1W, blue) programmed to blink at the audio peak.
  • Modular system, easy to embed other sensors or output devices.
  • USB and wireless programming option.
  • 5V, 430mA

Unit Components

  • VMUSIC2 (programmable mp3 player)
  • Zigbee ( RF tranciever)
  • Arduino ( micro-controller)
  • Audio peak controlled LED

You can check the demo video by Jan-Bas Bollen here.
More technical details about this project will be posted here.

CampoSanto (Holy Ground) is by Felipe Peréz Santiago, another highly talented composer/sound artist who created the original version of CampoSanto in our Studio 2 in 2004 . Kronos Quartet did a powerful rendition of it in Eindhoven I remember, and I’m sure David Harrington and his colleagues can be counted on for no less dazzling a performance coming Sunday evening.

enjoy!  DNL

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