junXion Lite, junXion v4 and junXion Video Tutorials

STEIM is happy to announce the release of the next generation of junXion (version 4), the cheaper limited-feature version junXion Lite and a collection of junXion video tutorials.

junXion v4

junXion v4 is a Mac OS X data routing application that can process sensors from any HID (joysticks, mice, touchscreens), MIDI, OSC, Audio, Arduino and Video device using conditional processing and remapping, with MIDI or OSC events as its output. This resulting MIDI or OSC data is then available to any audio or music software that runs on that Mac or can be send to external MIDI/OSC devices.

junXion v4 is available for the Mac OS X platform and is a Universal Binary. A fully functional but save-disabled demo can be downloaded at http://www.steim.org/software/junXion_v4/.  The program can be purchased for €75 via the STEIM website (Kagi store).

More info here: http://www.steim.org/steim/junxion_v4.html.


junXion Lite

junXion Lite is a limited feature version of junXion v4 and can be seen as an update of junXion v1.4. It is a Mac OS X data routing application that can process the sensors of any HID (joysticks, mice, touchscreens) but only one WiiRemote. The resulting MIDI data is then available to any audio or music software that runs on that Mac or can be send to external MIDI interfaces. This way other OS X based music applications such as STEIM’s LiSa X, Native Instrument’s Reaktor, Ableton Live, etc. or external Midi devices such as synthesizers, samplers, etc. can be controlled using cheap game controllers or the WiiRemote.

junXion Lite ads extended flexibility and programmability to its functions compared to junXion v1.4 and can turn any HID or WiiRemote input device into a powerful music controller. The program is Universal Binary and is fully Mac OS Leopard compatible. junXion Lite is €25 for Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Existing junXion v1.4 users can upgrade for free. junXion Lite users can always upgrade to the full junXion v4 version for €60.

More info here: http://www.steim.org/steim/junxionLite.html.

junXion video tutorials

Together with the completely revised manuals, these tutorials were created as a visual guidance to show the power of junXion as a realworld to music mapping tool. In several short videos it is demonstrated how to use a joystick, a Nintendo Wiiremote, a webcam a.o. with junXion’s Patches to control the music parameters of a software synth in another application. The tutorials can be found here: http://www.steim.org/steim/jxtutorials.html.

Why junXion?

The advantage of junXion over software as Max/MSP or SuperCollider is not its versatility in performing various complicated mappings (as those softwares do very well too), but the way it is presented to the user. junXion patches can be constructed in a very userfriendly way and prototyping can be done in a matter of minutes, from simple one-to-one mapping of joysticks to elaborate and intelligent mapping of camera and sensor data. junXion is not a scripting tool and there is no need for extensive experience in coding to be able to use the software.

Reliability on stage

junXion’s reliability is another advantage: STEIM realizes very well the importance of being able to rely on tools when performing on stage. junXion is a tool to support musicians, not a means in itself, taking little time away of what it’s all about: making music. Of course junXion can also be used for a variety of other art projects, from visual performance and dance to installations and exhibitions.

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