Medi Broekman & Annelot Dits > Development of Performance Project Motel Aloof

Medi Broekman & Annelot Dits with guidance from Jelte van Andel
(Mentor at STEIM: Frank Baldé)

Residency period: 23 February 2009 – 8 March 2009

As two young emerging performing artists we seemed like rare fish in STEIM`s sea of sound technology. The two weeks we spent swimming in their waters, however, were extremely fruitful for the development of our performance project Motel Aloof.

We work with the basic concept, in which one performer is in the [performance] space with an audience and one is at home or somewhere else, for example at the airport, connected via a live video internet connection. Motel Aloof adopts the simple use of everyday technology, using the connection between two Apple laptops to several speakers and a beamer in the space. The person at home becomes the sound of the person in the space. The communication between the two performers happens primarily through sound (more so than image).

As part of our continuous research and practice with live ‘real’ performance and live ‘virtual’ performance via an Internet connection, we experimented the past two weeks at STEIM. We worked with the possibilities of manipulating the sound that enters the performance space via the Internet connection of the performer who is at home.

At STEIM we experimented, under guidance of Frank Baldé, with the software programmes LiSa and Junxion. We wanted to learn more about the input and output of sound on either end to learn how we can optimise the sound. We played with the distortion and the delay that happens due to working with Internet to create a musical score of some kind of rhythm and ‘daily’ sounds. Eventually we experimented with several presets that we controlled via a handheld sensor. We focused on the movement of sound through space, such as choosing the speaker and echo.

The full-time availability of the wonderful Studio III, guidance and conversations about hardware/software best to use and experiment with, and the artistic dialogue about the actual performance was very interesting.

As part of our creative process, and because we both live in different countries, we used the following blog as an artistic scrapbook. We thank STEIM and look forward working with STEIM in the future.

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