MacBook Pro 17″

A quick update on my experience with my now one week old 17″ MacBook Pro (2,93GHz dual-core2). All Steim’s software (junXion v4, junXion Lite, LiSa X, LiSa XC) runs smoothly on it, the machine is much more quiet than my previous model (2GHz dualcore), the fans have not started running once. The screen is much better visible from all possible angles and even in daylight. The Firewire 800 to 400 cable I bought (Belkin) works fine with my external harddrives, I have to try it yet with audio interfaces. Also the battery life is amazing! At least twice as long as on my old machine (for which I already replaced the battery once).

One curious thing though: it looks like the Bluetooth connnection when using the WiiRemote with junXion is not automatically ended when quitting junXion. I noticed the same thing when using DarwinRemote, so the solution is to hold down the ‘power’ button on your WiiRemote fro a few seconds to disconnect.

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