Alessandro de Francesco & Paolo Ingrosso > RIDEFINIZIONE, poetry with live voice processing

We came to STEIM in order to set up the final version of our poetry reading with live voice digital processing Ridefinizione, that we already performed in a previous version at Sorbonne University in Paris (october 2008) and at Rome International Poetry Festival (november 2008). We also realized in the famous STEIM’s Studio II the complete video and audio recordings of the 26 texts composing the reading. A dvd of our studio recording sessions will be produced by, Italy ( The dvd will also contain a bonus audio track of an old version of Ridefinizione with different treatments that had been previously performed by Alessandro at La poësie / nuit International Festival in Lyon, France (march 2008). The track has been re-recorded & processed on Digital Performer and produced at STEIM. The whole dvd will be called Ridefinizione [poetry reading with live digital voice processing] – the STEIM sessions. The video and audio materials will also be posted on
The texts of Ridefinizione have been originally written in Italian by Alessandro and are now published in five languages in some 15 internationally renowned poetry reviews (among them: Anterem, Semicerchio, il verri, poet, Gradiva, Nioques, OEI). English translations, realized by Alessandro himself together with the American poet and translator Noura Wedell, will be provided in the DVD, on as well as in live performance.
In STEIM sessions the texts have been recorded (Shure condenser microphone, Fireface 800 audio hardware on Macintosh) and videotaped (full HD) live by Alessandro, Paolo and the Dutch artist Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei, then processed by Paolo on a Max/MSP patch. This patch, conventionally called ‘pattern gate’, has been developed and implemented by Paolo specifically for Alessandro’s voice and way of reading. The purpose was to enhance the semantics of the texts trying to produce an advanced poetry ‘“ voice ‘“ machine live interaction device. This procedure is far away from ‘sound poetry’ tradition, since the texts were previously written not to be performed. Moreover, Alessandro’s reading and Paolo’s treatments have to be conceived as a reading environment instead of a performance, that is to say an audio environment where the perception of poetry is the main aspect, much more than the performers themselves.
Working at STEIM has been, as always, a great experience: Daniel, Esther, Jon, Nico, Robert, Taku, and all other people at STEIM are very kind and helpful. They made us feeling at home all the time. Studio II has perfect acoustics for voice recording and live performance set-up sessions, a very nice ‘vintage futurist’ interior, which is excellent for videotaping, and a large amount of cables and electronic devices.
Alessandro De Francesco (1981) is an Italian poet, theorist and sound artist currently based in Lyon. He has published the book Lo spostamento degli oggetti, Cierre Grafica / Anterem (Shelley Prize ‘“ San Giuliano Poesia In/civile), which was also realized at STEIM as poetry reading with voice processing, and his texts are published in magazines worldwide. He realized several sound installations, lectures and electronic poetry readings in Italy, France, Estonia, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, USA. He teached poetry at École Normale Supërieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines (where he is also Ph.D. student) and European Graduate School (as visiting poet in 2008).
Paolo Ingrosso (1980) is an Italian composer, guitar player and electronic sound performer currently based in Bologna. He made his composition studies at the Conservatory of Bologna and specialized in electronic music at IRMUS and AGON in Milan. His scores are played by some important contemporary music ensembles and his music is released by Miraloop Records. As a composer and performer, he collaborates with FontanaMIX international association and has an intense teaching activity. He collaborates with Alessandro’s electronic poetry projects since several years and in 2006 he realized, together with him and the architect Antonio Pisana, the poetry reading environment sosta#1 at the Berlin University of the Arts.

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