Peeesseye > September 2008 recording

January 28, 2009…..
The members of Peeesseye – Jaime Fennelly, Chris Forsyth, and Fritz Welch – took time from a European tour to spend September 14, 15, and 16 recording and mixing material at STEIM for a new recording project to be released  in 2009.  We were joined by Richard Lowther (a.k.a. Richy Midnight, mastermind of the British cabaret art rock group Condor Moments as co-producer/advisor for the project.  Working in the Studio A, we spent long days (16, 12, and 9 hours, respectively) working in what for us was both a new method and a logical development.  Instead of recording basic tracks of the material we’d been playing on tour, and then overdubbing or manipulating them somehow after the fact, we chose to generate new material using a sort of Exquisite Corpse model, with one person recording a basic idea and then whoever had an idea for where to take that original track would lead the group through an overdub or series of overdubs.  These often involved group percussion, handclaps, vocals, and synth tracks in addition to the basic live set up we were traveling with of guitar, percussion, harmonium, and electronics.  Mixes were done on the fly, often as an extension of the Exquisite Corpse concept – fast, spontaneous, and experimental.  The results of the recordings are unlike anything we’ve recorded before, yet sit squarely in the Peeesseye continuum as a logical extension of past working methods.  The STEIM sessions produced about 35-40 minutes of material, much of which would be nearly impossible for us to reproduce live, yet some of which is the most organic and song based work we’ve done.  Some additional recording, mixing, and remixing is currently being done in England and Washington State, USA, to complete the project.  More info will follow regarding completion and release of the material.

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