Mark Gergis (US) Liz Allbee (US) Raed Yassin (Lebanon/NL)

During our time at STEIM in June, 2008, we managed to archive and process tens of hours of radio recordings made on-location by Raed during the July ’06 war in Lebanon. We distilled these recordings down to 70 minutes and performed heavy editing and layering at the studio to form 14 separate audio tracks of collaged radio featuring music, advertisements, radio jingles, speeches, call-in radio shows and more. The end result offers a window into the chaotic and schizophrenic landscape of wartime Lebanon through the sound of radio broadcasts. This project will find a CD release on the Sublime Frequencies label.

Additionally, we improvised and recorded as a trio using these and other Middle Eastern radio recordings as a backbone alongside turntables, open-circuit electronics, live radio, processed trumpet and contrabass. Several hours of recordings will be edited and mixed in the future for release.

Studio time was also spent recording for a ‘Sammy Clark’ release, an ongoing duo of Raed and Liz which incorporates turntables, electronics and extended trumpet.

Finally, audio materials (radio and other archival materials) from the civil war period in Lebanon were reviewed by Raed and Mark for a future collaborative project.

Thank you STEIM

-photos by Pablo Sanz Almoguera

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