50th Anniversary Festival workshops

STEIM turns 50 this year and we’re having a festival to celebrate. The festival not only celebrates STEIM’s heritage, but anticipates a rich future of sonic, musical and social possibilities. Part of the event will be two days of workshops featuring former artistic directors and STEIM’s own incredible team.

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14h-17h, €30, Atau Tanaka
Exploring physiological signals with sensors and machine learning

Atau Tanaka will lead the workshop “Exploring physiological signals with sensors and machine learning”

The workshop will present forms of embodied musical interaction using physiological signals from muscle tension (EMG), and machine learning techniques. We will use the Myo device to measure arm muscle signals, and the Wekinator software to implement neural networks. MaxMSP will be used in between. We will provide the sensor hardware, and the software will run on MacOS and Windows.

Atau Tanaka conducts research in embodied musical interaction. He studies our encounters with sound, be they in music or in the everyday, as a form of phenomenological experience: this includes the use of physiological sensing technologies, notably muscle tension in the electromyogram signal, and machine learning analysis of this complex, organic data. He was Artistic Director at STEIM in 2006.

Note: Participants are required to bring their own laptop with Max Msp installed.

18h-20h, €20, DJ Sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippet)
Listening with hands (turnablism)

A seminar with demonstrations on practices of turntablism and how typical narratives associate with the genre can be reevaluated by looking at how artists have established a musical practice based on a tactile engagement with technology, leading to a transformation of generic device to individualised instruments.

DJ Sniff is a musician and curator in the field of experimental electronic arts and improvised music. His musical work builds upon a distinct practice that combines DJing, instrument design, and free improvisation, and since 2014 is the Co-Director of AMF (Asian Meeting Festival) – a festival that aims to bring together experimental music practices in Asia. He was Artistic Director at STEIM from 2008-2012.


15h-17h Free entry. Jan St. Werner, Joel Ryan and Kristina Andersen

The knowing link between self and object, between matter and ideas
Special Open Research Group

STEIM regularly holds a research group with visiting artists, interns and research assistance. During this special event, we open up the group to the public and invite Jan St. Werner, Kristina Andersen and Joel Ryan to lead the conversation. Considering synchronization issues between human perception, cognitive interpretation and technological performativity, you will explore how sound can be a means to investigate artistic, scientific and social idiosyncrasies. In this collaborative workshop, you will discuss technical and theoretical concerns in a group conversation and come away with extended theoretical and practical concepts to apply to your own creative practice.

Internationally known as the co-founder of the innovative and groundbreaking electro-duo Mouse on Mars, Jan St. Werner recognized for his research and development of new instruments for electronic music and digital art. He was Artistic Director at STEIM from 2004-2005. Kristina Anderson is researcher and storyteller. She works with electronics and reclaimed materials to create unusual objects and experiences. She is assistant professor at the Future Everyday cluster of the Department of Industrial Design in Eindhoven. Joel Ryan is a composer, inventor and scientist. One of the longest residents at STEIM and one of the first Artistic Directors since 1985, he continues today to play an integral role in not only the design of musical instruments based on real-time digital signal processing, but through his extensive performance practice where he seeks to bring a concreteness through intelligent design and playing of digital instruments.


18h-20h, €20, Mazen Kerbaj
The Sound of Objects

Mazen Kerbaj will present a workshop that is particularly interesting for sound artists seeking to gain access to their untapped musical world. Mazen shares his own “method” of creating “personalized” extended techniques, a method where the instrument itself (in his case a trumpet) becomes the base for experimentation. In an intensive and unique session, the participants are encouraged to find and develop their own ways to create new techniques to play their instruments or to create completely new instruments.

Mazen Kerbaj is a Lebanese jazz and free improvisation trumpeter and comic book artist. He has published eleven books and many short stories and drawings in anthologies, newspapers, and magazines in throughout the world. He is also one of the founders of the Lebanese free improvisation scene, both as a trumpet player and as an active member in the MILL association. He was Artistic Director at STEIM in 2006.

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