Fani Konstantinidou – Short Residency – Connector #15

During my short residency in STEIM, I had the opportunity to explore some very special instruments. Since I only had 3 days available, I decided to focus on the collection of analog synthesizers and see their potential in my own music. I have a particular interest in the cultural aspect of electronic music, and through this residency I had the opportunity to explore unique and historically important instruments that belong to—or have been built at—STEIM. The result was presented in a Live Electronics set at the Connector #15 in October 2018.

I used the recordings of the synths as my main sound source and implemented this material into my own computer software during my live performance, aiming to find my own style within instruments that I rarely use as an artist. The result was very surprising because on the one hand I managed to fit this material in my own musical style but, on the other hand, my live performance was very different than my other works due to the particularity of those instruments.

I am planning to use these recordings and re-mix the pieces that I created during the residency, in order to release them in the future. Meanwhile, you can listen to an excerpt of that live performance in the link below.

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