Vladimir Vlaev – short residency in a preparation for Connector #15

I had a wonderful time during the short residency I did at STEIM in a preparation for performing at the 15th edition of Connector event series. I performed with my recently developed hybrid acoustic-digital instrument HexApp, which is based on the processed input from a sound source device called  hexaphonic pickup. The acoustic input captured by the pickup is then processed by a real – time digital processing environment developed by me in Max/MSP. The exploration of the sonic capabilities of the HexApp is in the core of the piece “Evolution” which I presented at Connector.

In order to achieve good artistic results I needed a rehearsal time before the concert in a suitable studio environment. The last stages of the preparation process – scooping on details of the time line structure, on specific spectral and dynamic transitions etc. – were done in a spacious and well equipped environment within STEIM. New strategies for using the electromagnetic properties of the hexaphonic pickup (such as exciting it with different metal objects) were considered during the two days of residency and later implemented into the performance. The welcoming atmosphere and creative environment at STEIM contributed undoubtedly to the quality of my performance and the entire concert.

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