Southwoods Hyperinstrument Project

Southwoods designs and performs using custom instruments, focused on building new modes of musical interaction and digital audio processing. Extending traditional acoustic instruments with sensors and signal analysis software, their improvisations bridge dedicated instrument practices with the possibilities afforded from exploring the limits of self-designed interactive computing platforms. The group’s live show is an intimate unveiling of the process of a musician learning their instrument, while their overarching shared curiosity for sound drives the group on a quest to weave earnestly novel sonic textures culled from pulsating drone and polyrhythmic layers of propulsive ambient noise…

Southwoods is:

Percussionist/Computer Scientist- Shawn Trail

Guitarist/Software Engineer- Duncan MacConnell


At STEIM the group finalized instrument designs and recorded their first release spending four days in the studio capturing their instruments in a historic environment for such discovery. The focus for such work, the vibe in/around the studio, and being immersed in Dutch culture is unparalleled. Inspiration flourishes and time disappears at STEIM.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.16.46 AM

For their residency the group focused on two specific instruments: the RANGE Guitar and El-Lamellophone. Both projects led to research publications: RANGE at Sound and Music Computing Stockholm and El-Lamellophone at New Interfaces for Musical Expression London.



Listen to the album here.

review: “…a synthesis of glitch and grit, landing their euphonies somewhere in a choppy conflux of ambient electronic meets noisey-noise. Single moments have elements evocative of both Four Tet and My Bloody Valentine, a cool sound indeed that seems to always be on the brink of rupturing…” (Ride The Tempo).

The group has new instruments and a new body of work set to release summer of 2018 on Gary Cassettes. The group headlines innovative indy experimental music fest Pretty Good Not Bad on May 18, 2018.

Southwoods thanks STEIM for the invaluable support and opportunity to use your studios, equipment, assistance, and guest house. Southwoods also thanks thier funding agencies: Canada Council for the Arts, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

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