'Headspace 5' An installation by ElectricCircus

The installation:
A cilinder hangs down from the ceiling, it is about 1 mtr in diameter, with an opening in the bottom. You can pull the cilinder down and slide it over your head like a helmet, entering a private space away from the noise of daily life, even your telephone is out of reach.
Your presence is sensed. In a dim light a small 2 minute spectacle takes place. An assembly of mechanical and purely acoustic sources provide a soundscape. All sounds are live, and not reproduced with any speaker. The main source of sound is generated by a machine based on one of the oldest musical instruments: the Bullroarer.
‘Headspace 5’ is specially made for Steim with the focus on sound.
Headspace 1 to 4 are mainly focused on image / live animation.
Their outside appearence is like a giant head, hence the naming of the project.
The inside mechanical spectacle is very different for each of the heads.
Everthing that meets the eye is really there: automates, a little robot, a surface moving like an ocean, stars and all kind of creatures. A non-virtual reality.
‘ Headspace’ is a project by Electric Circus.  The company travels around the world to perform their street-shows on Art-, technology- and theater-festivals.
used materials :                                                                                                           Arduino with data-logging-shield with custom made software, including a ‘PureData’ based graphical user interface.
Motors and servo’s.
All kinds of mechanics.
Infra red sensor.
Headspace team :
Mirjam Langemeijer
Fred Abels
Rolf Meesters
thanks to : Bossinade Lightworks

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