working on a prototype

STEIM’s firmware developer Frank Baldé and hardware technician Sybren Danz are researching the options to design a product for the increasingly popular Eurorack based modular synthesizer music community. Here’s the first prototype of a 4-track, 8 steps variable gate sequencer.

our goal is to turn this into a 2HP eurorack unit, and it can be perfectly used to trigger percussive sounds. The module, codenamed Gatekeeper, will have 4 tracks of max. 8 steps of gate signals. Each track can have a loop length of 1 – 8, and each step in the loop can have a gate length of 0 – 100%, zero meaning there will be no gate for that step. The tempo can be controlled externally with a clock (= gate), or set with the tempo potmeter. Each track can be randomized with the push of a button, but also precisely defined with buttons and potmeters.
Favorite track sets can be stored and recalled.

Here’s a video of a working first prototype:

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