As you may know  STEIM is working hard to create permanent spaces for sound art works. And the word ‘space’ is not a metaphor—we’re talking about real, physical space: air with some kind of boundary around them, so waves may vibrate and travel, to be heard and admired. We believe that every sound art piece needs and deserves its own box of air molecules, more or less isolated from the rest of the world, undisturbed and undisturbing. Our TONE initiative is all about that. In the future, it may be a whole building with expo spaces in all shapes and sizes for sound art works. Like a dedicated museum or expo space for sound art. This is a big endeavour that will not happen overnight, but we know where we’re headed. In the mean time, we’re starting small. Think boxes you can stick your head in that contain a sound art piece. Easy to exhibit (in any kind of space), easy to transport, and easy to enjoy. This is microTONE, a collection of soundartworksinboxes. The project has premiered at STEIM during the Amsterdam Museumnight in our Sound Art Expo.

Yolanda Uriz: ~.soinusain.~

~.soinusain.~, proposes an intimate immersive experience inside sono-olfactive micro-environments.
Traditional perfumery classifies scents into base, middle and high notes to compose fragrances, just as musical chords are constructed with musical notes. This installation explores combinations of sounds and smells considering the wavelength of the sounds and the molecular size of the scents presented. As synesthesia has been explored in the arts mainly by blending vision and hearing, Soinusainburu is part of my research into synesthetic experiences that combine sound and smell in relation to space.

Electric Circus: Headspace 5

Put your head inside the microtone space and experience an all-round acoustic soundscape, generated by mechanical instruments.

more info: http://www.electric-circus.eu/

These new works were premiered at STEIM’s Open Days event, from november 1-4 2017.

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