I arrived yesterday to STEIM to finalize ~.soinusain.~ a new installation dealing with sound and smell that will be part of the MICRO-TONE exhibition opening next week.

As synesthesia has been explored in the arts mainly by blending vision and hearing, ~.soinusain.~ is part of my research into synesthetic experiences that combine sound and scens in relation to space. My previous work Maziterido was conceived to experiment by orienting ourselves relying more in our hearing and smell senses than in our sight. ~.soinusain.~ however presents sono-olfactive micro-environments where we dont move and we are just immersed into the experience.

Traditional perfumery classifies scents into base, middle and high notes to compose fragrances, just as musical chords are constructed with musical notes. I am exploring combinations of sounds and smells considering the wavelength of the sounds and the molecular size of the scents presented. It counts with three hanging hexagonal cubes where to introduce our heads. One hexagonal prism for the low sounds and odors, another for the mid range frequencies and the last for the high ones.

With the huge help of Fedde and Kees, I have started to construct the hexagons, it is really exciting!







After the wood working period, the smells needed to be concluded. Each scent composition needs a period of rest where its molecules keep adapting to each other, the smell changes until they stabilize and gives its final result.I had brought several mixes for each hexagon with me so that in the residency they would be already stable and I could choose the ones that suited best and enlarge them…


Then, system design, electronics, cables back and forth, sensors…different ways of making the installation automatic…not as pleasant as the other part of the work for me! ?

equipment1st version

With the help of Michele, Fedde and Frank we got it running and finally the hexagons hang in place ready for visitors to have good experiences!



It has been a very intense working period where I learned, enjoyed, suffered, laugh, got on my nerves… In general it´s been a great experience, STEIM is a really convenient place to produce this kind of work, with all the facilities in terms of tools, electronics, cables etc. and of course a fantastic human team, really helpful and with huge experience and knowledge to whom I feel really thankful.


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