Things are getting organized here….

STEIM is now at location Lely for almost 2 months, and while unpacking and organizing, we already presented 2 workshops, a keynote and regular teaching sessions with the master ‘Live Electronics’ students from the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Here are just a few images showing the activities in our new spaces.


Live Electronics master student creating a cable for his new sensor system in our hardware lab.


One of the hardware lab spaces, master Live Electronic students at work….


Studio 41 set up for soundproof testing, we found out that the building is very well constructed, hardly any soundproofing needs to be done!


Room 113 set up for a week long workshop with master students from the Sandberg institute. A few weeks later Sonic Acts presented a workshop in this space on Field Recording.


All the first floor spaces have big windows, allowing for a lot of light, but when used for presentations the curtains can be closed to make it really dark. It’s nice to have this flexibility.

Most visitors have no difficulty finding us when following our site’s contact instructions, and from a public transport view the location is ideal!

The next step will be getting a mobile studio into one of our ground floor offices, decorating our 2 guest rooms (bed, light, table, char, etc.), getting the new kitchen organized and some small sound isolation work in the other studio working spaces.

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