de optocht

STEIM offered me and the Ives ensemble the opportunity to finish our 3 hour music theatre piece ‘de optocht’ in their studio 3. The ‘old’ studio 3 served me personally many times as ideal place to finish a piece in 4 channel setting. This time I took one week on my own to work with the Meyer-loudspeakers which i like so much, doing the final balancing of the tape and after that the ensemble and me settled down for a week to rehearse the piece. The first performance was at November Music, november 13th, 2016.

The good thing about STEIM is their broad view on things, while on one side developing the hottest electronic music stuff and working with people who experiment with that stuff, on the other side they also invite guys like me who like to work as analogue as possible, with analogue recorders and devices, analogue mixing etc. It makes STEIM a meeting point. And their friendliness and coffee are also of high standards ?

Piet-Jan van Rossum, november 2016

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