R.I.P. synth pioneer Don Buchla

One of the legendary synthesizer pioneers Don Buchla has passed away, age 79. Toghether with Bob Moog he revolutionarized electronic music by creating an incredible array of inspiring new sound generating systems and performance controllers. Don visitied STEIM a few times in the past and I was lucky enough to have talked to him then, he was a very inspiring personality. The new controllers he created in the early 90’s of the last century were visionary, and at STEIM we still have the Buchla Thunder.

Another controller he created was the Buchla Lightning, a wireless performance controller which he demonstrated at STEIM,  and with this instrument he showed us that he was also an excellent performer.
His modular synthesizer systems are still unique and are the pioneering representations of what is now called West Coast synthesis while Moog pioneered the East Coast synthesis approach. (For an excellent explanation of these two synthesis approaches check out this video).

Thank you for all your inspiring creations Don!

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