STEIM helps people with disabilities…

STEIM has been working for a few years now together with health care organization Vanboeijen to create an electronic instrument kit for people with multiple disabilities. The goal was to give these people the possibility to have fun making music and being in control of it. We are at a stage of fine tuning the systems and now we had the time to create a short video showing how the system works.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.23.50

The system has also been played by Lukasz Zywna who is mainly physically disabled and really enjoys dance music, so we asked him if he wanted to participate in the video.

The main idea of the instrument kit is that up to 3 people can make music together, usually 1 music therapist and 1 or 2 clients. The controllers, you might say sound shakers, can be adjusted in sensitivity for each player individually and also the sounds can be adjusted for each player individually. The 3 shakers are wirelessly connected to the base station which contains all the hardware and firmware to play and adjust the synthesized sounds directly thru its built in speaker. The system is powered by rechargable batteries and can thus be used anywhere you want, making it easy for the music therapist to bring the set to the clients.

Watch the teaser video to get a quick impression and follow this link to see the whole video.

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