CAMI mpix 1.0

CAMI mpix 1.0 : move and make noise

Last summer, I had the chance to get a two weeks STEIM residency, during which i developed my project « CAMI ». CAMI is working on the democratization of computer music. It is based on the fact that old computers and electronic materials can be divert and modified to become instruments.

I think that one of the more important characteristic of an instrument is its playability. It means how, with an appropriate gesture, the player is able to communicate a musical idea. For digital instrument, one of the biggest challenge is to get enough instrumental dynamic to enable the player to play with other musicians.

Music is overall a way to communicate. Definitely not an accumulation of gadgets or a technical demonstration.

During the residence I worked more specifically on a software based on pure data and named CAMI mpix 1.0. This one uses essentially the webcam of the computer by tracking movements in X-Y axes. Different programs and samples are launched by the keyboard, then modified and controlled by body movements. CAMI_mpix_1.0 plays samples which can be customized.

This software has been created with the intention to elaborate an instrument easy to play by people who are not necessary musician. In the other hand, the instrument is enough complicated to let people develops and improves their own way to play.

CAMI_mpix_1.0 has also pedagogical purposes, used to make people discover electroacoustic music and the pleasure to play together.

It is not completely finished yet but I would be glad if some people want to test it! (just send me an email to clor.stephane[at]gmail[dot]com


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