West Wednesdays

West Wednesdays is a monthly artroute in the West of Amsterdam. On the 9th of September we are opening the new season. Gonzo (circus) and STEIM are collaborating to present new electronic sounds.

DATE: 9th of September
TIME: 18:00 / 21:00
LOCATION: De Hallen, Amsterdam


Tijs Ham

Three Mixers
Three Mixers combines the expressive chaotic sounds of analog feedback mixers and programmed digital manipulations. The setup explores the expressive borders of controlled feedback. Tijs will perform a 20 minute set with this new setup. The project has been developed at STEIM & BEK and is supported by Stimuleringsfonds E-Cultuur.

Robin Koek & Gareth Davis

Lines of Hearing
Lines Of Hearing is a composition for bass clarinet and electronics, which investigates the relation between the position of a listener and it’s surrounding urban environment. The work explores audible horizons of specific locations of New York and Amsterdam based on open-source geo-tagged field-recordings mapped in a virtual space. Crafting with the softest sounds in a specific acoustic radius, a dynamic structure unfolds that defines the perceptual boundaries of a space, informing about function, scale and the internal organization of a site. Alternating stages of the performer’s interpretation of these constructed urban spaces are structured in three movements.
Next to these performances there will be a full program of gallery talks, DJ sets, exhibitions, films and other things to see, hear and experience.

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