Summer school: Biofeedback in artistic context

Get a full four-day workshop on how to use techniques coming from the domains of biofeedback and psychophysiology in an artistic context. These sciences look at the link between bodily reactions (like heart rate, stress or brain wave activity) and human emotions. Our bodily reactions can be measured using biosensors such as heart rate measuring devices, brain wave measuring devices and stress level measuring devices. Learn how to use all of these in an artistic context.

liebig 12 show
DATES: from Tuesday the 7th July to Friday the 10th of July, 2015
TIME: 10:00
LOCATION: De Brakke Grond Studio
KITS: There’s the possibility to rent a sensor kit with an additional cost of €30.
The two kits attendants can choose from:
1) an EEG or brainwave measurement tool: Neurosky Mindwave
2) an ECG or heart rate measurement tool: Sparkfun HRMI + Polar T31C
You can rent a kit by e-mailing Valery Vermeulen



Day 1: July 7th
– Introduction into history of biofeedback and how it has been used in the arts in the past and present.
– Introduction into biofeedback and psychofysiology from scientific point of view
– Basics of sound design using Pure Data en Reaper
Day 2: July 8th
– a hands on training on how to connect which sort of bodily reactions with which sort of biosensors
– Start of personal projects, how to use the biosensors in your own artistic practice.
Day 3: July 9th
Elaboration of personal projects. After a thorough introduction and practical sessions each attendant will be giving the opportunity to elaborate and realize an own artistic project which integrates biofeedback under guidance and coaching of the teacher. Software that is used throughout the third part of the workshop is Pure Data, MAX/Msp and Processing.
Day 4: July 10th
– Finishing of personal project and preparation of exhibition
– The workshop is concluded with a presentation moment where the projects that are created during the workshop can be presented to the public.

About Dr. Valery Vermeulen

He is an electronic musician, music producer, mathematician, new media artist, author and visiting professor at Erasmus University College in Brussels where he teaches on multimedia art and technology. In 2001 he obtained a phd in pure mathematics at Ghent University in the field of algebraic group theory. Between 2001 and 2005 Vermeulen worked at the Institute for Pschychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM, Ghent University) on a research project focusing on the link between music and emotions. Meanwhile he started writing and recording music in his own production studio. Since 2004 Vermeulen has been working on various interactive multimedia projects where the man machine interaction plays a central role. Topics in his work cover a broad range of disciplines including creative evolutionary systems, generative art, algorithmic sound and image generation, affective computing, artificial intelligence, econometrics, sound design, data sonification and music production.


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