Noisefold presents: 4D Home at the OT301

NoiseFold presents the European premiere of 4D Home, a live electronic music cinema performance utilizing real-time audio-visual processes to re-imagine, mine and plunder the visual “landscape tradition”.



The performance blends unlikely media elements including, system noise, signal glitches, and visual sonification techniques to emulate and interweave vivid states of consciousness in the form of sensuous topologies and hyper-kinetic data fields. 4D Home acknowledges the rich lineage of pictorial landscapes practiced by diverse global cultures, east, west, north and south. The “landscape tradition” is often construed as an easy entry into the arts, a kind of aesthetic common denominator bridging culture, class and historical epochs through its depiction of pleasing pastoral vistas, effusive spiritual mythos and familiar surroundings. Today we no longer can view the landscape solely as a refuge, a pleasantry or as an unending wilderness for the taking, as much of the world as we know it is under siege. NoiseFold infuses this new transfigured land of strip mines, chemical dumps, deforested expanse and glacial decline with an elemental techno-animistic awareness, where the rocks sing, the light howls and the vibrating world hums as the familiar perspective, a distant horizon, shudders, rolls and contorts. The soft graphite blush of video noise opens into a chasm of fractured coal lined gnashing teeth, undulating hills and distant clouds convulse in a red pallor and ice sheets groan and shoot upward in cataclysmic events. The pastoral and familiar slides away in successive waves of transformation unearthing a cascade of visual quotes from the luminous modernism of Georgia O’keeffe to early experimental scratch films and Chicago style video glitch to the austere minimalism of Agnes Martin, the vibrant detailed mozaics of the Huichol people and the mysterious icebound expanse of Caspar David Friedrich.

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