Coded Matter(s) #7 – Extended Senses

FIBER & de Brakke Grond present:
Coded Matter(s) #7: Extended Senses

extended senses
Intelligent technology grows around us and towards us as an extension of the body, both visible and invisible. The computer has migrated from lap to pocket. A wave of networked watches, glasses and implants is launched at technology trade shows and through sensors we are able to explore our environment in new ways. What are the possibilities of these new developments? And what are the dangers?
During Extended Senses, artist talks, installations and demonstrations will let you see and experience the possibilities and dangers of these developments. Listen to plant conversations, see the data created by your body or play a game with your own muscles. Artists, designers and scientists show how human senses are being expanded or applied differently, how previously invisible processes of man and nature can be made visible, useful and even aesthetic.
The programme starts on June the 1st, in the afternoon and goes on into the evening, supplemented with thematic films, music and food, spread out across the various inside and outside spaces of De Brakke Grond.
Be sure to visit the exhibition where STEIM’s Marije Baalman will show her Sonobotanics installation!!
?Keynote / artist talk / performance
• Perceptualization – Edwin van der Heiden [NL] – keynote
• Body Area Network – Walter De Raedt [BE, imec] – Program Manager Wearable Healthcare – keynote
• Thought Kinetics (2014), Kees & Joost Plattel [NL] – artist talk
• Perfect Paul (2012), Arthur Elsenaar [NL] – performance
• EMG Muscle Game (2013), Adriaan Wormgoor [NL] – game
• Sense of Smell: Famous Deaths (2014), CMD [NL] – demonstration
• Thought Kinetics (2014), Kees & Joost Plattel [NL] – demonstration
• Durr Watch (2013), Skrekkøgle [NO] – product presentation
• Thinking Dodecahedron (2013), Marcel Boonman [NL] – installation
• Biophonic Garden (2013), Sebastian Frisch [DE] – installation
• Sonobotanics (2010), Marije Baalman [NL] – installation
• Astralium (2013) – Sander Bos [NL] – installation
• Body Area Network (2014), Marcel Boonman [NL] – Q&A
• Tickets
Coded Matter(s) is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL

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