Orientation Workshops

The orientation workshops began with a tour of the building and an inspiring presentation by Kristina demonstrating STEIM’s rich history. This was followed by a demonstration of the Junxion and new Rosa software by Frank. In particular, the possibility of creating an embedded performance system using Rosa is very exciting. Additionally, the use of tables to scale and sequence data in Junxion was very impressive and has provided inspiration for several Max MSP patches.

The second day of workshops consisted of an informative presentation given by Dick Rijken about the various new contexts generated by new technologies and their potential as artistic medium. In particular, I found the idea of composing music for complex spaces such as a city very interesting. Later, Marije gave us an introduction to circuit building with the arduino where we experimented with connecting various sensors.

Aside from the various presentations the workshops also provided the opportunity to discuss the various projects and ideas being developed by the other participants.

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