Familiar: Musical electronics made easy

A couple of days ago Pascual and I started our residency in STEIM. Just with time enough to meet some other residents and crew and settle our gear in Studio 2.

During the next ten days we are planing to be busy: A workshop , a concert on thursday the 30th and finish the design of a new version of punkistylo. A sort of stylophone with filter and, for this new version, delay. Chi ha ucciso il Conte, also a resident project at STEIM, already offered himself to prepare and laser cut a box for the first prototype.
First impresion of STEIM can’t be better! And definetly more collaborations will pop up.

Everything is ready for the workshop next 25th and 26th! We will introduce you to eagle software to design circuits and PCBs and then etch that design with a very simple method: Heat transfering and acid attack.

 Workshop registration is still Open. If interested in participate, please Register online.


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