January 30th, 2014 8:30 pm 
STEIM Concert Space, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam STEIM Concert Space, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam

In january Steim will focus its attention on all things modular! In this closing concert we will showcase the real potential for modular music making on stage

Line up: (so far)

Peter Edwards / Casperelectronics

Peter Edwards is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and experimental musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly under the same name.

Edwards received a BFA in sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. He is currently studying electronic music and experimental interface design as a Masters student at the Institute of Sonology and at STEIM in Amsterdam NL. In 2005 he developed the creative electronics department at Hampshire College. He currently designs musical electronic instruments which are sold as kits through his website. He regularly teaches circuit bending classes at technology festivals internationally and writes electronics tutorials for American DIY tech magazine Make.

Peter currently lives in The Haag in The Netherlands and is studying with composer and physicist Joel Ryan and master synthesizer designer Rob Hordijk.

Manu Retamero / Pascual Rocher / Familiar

Familiar is an audiovisual collective focused in the creation of sound devices, circuit bending and retro computing. Encourages the use of free distribution technologies and tools, sharing all their projects as open source hardware.

In the past four years Familiar has organized a bunch of workshops all over Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Holland. Also eight editions of Familiar Fest. A lo-fi-noise-chiptune-experimental music festival, combiend with multi dusciplinary labs. Even getting into videogame design Jams and chiptune events. This time only 66% of Familiar will be present. Manu Retamero and Pascual Rocher: The core of electronics and workshops of the collective. Familiar also perform using the devices designed and built by themselves, such as modular synthetisers and mini synths, combiend with circuit bent toys and retro consoles. Both Manu and Pascual has a strong influence of spanish improvisation noise and ambient scene. But with a solid base set in techno and IDM.

Expect a combination of rhythmic and drone landscapes. A mix of beauty and ugliness. A blend of improvisation and structures.

Rob Hordijk / Joker Nies

Rob Hordijk is an expert designer and builder of modular synth systems for many many years. Tonight he will take the stage alongside Joker Nies to allowing you to experience the amazing sounds that his designs are capable of producing! Joker Nies has a long history of improvising with a diverse set of DIY, circuit bent and custom built electronic instruments, and he is well known for his outstanding performances.

DATES: 30th of January, 2014
TIME : 20:30 (doors open at 20:00)
COSTS: €7,50 (students €5 if you can show your student pass)
ADRESS: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

For more information on the entire event, be sure to check the STEIM MODULAR MONTH newspage!