Dick Raaijmakers: 1 Sept 1930 – 4 Sept 2013


Dick Raaijmakers
co-founder of STEIM
1 September 1930   ~   4 September 2013

Dick Raaijmakers, composer, artist, thinker, and co-founder of STEIM, passed away this wednesday evening. He believed that music was the process of transforming sound and that emerging electronic technologies greatly enabled this. He was a champion of transparency, undressing rather than cloaking the process and for him this meant attention to the theater of music. For this legacy the community of STEIM is forever in his debt.

Dick Raaijmakers - Kid Baltan

De crematieplechtigheid zal plaatsvinden in de grote aula van crematorium “Ockeburgh”, Ockeburghstraat 21 Den Haag op woensdag 11 september om 15.30 uur. The funeral will take place in the aula of the crematorium Okeburghg. Okeburghstraat 21 Den Haag on 11 September at 15:30.

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