iii – self-made media collective

february 7th-10th 2013

After a few months of planning our crew of 14 manages to gather for 4 days in Amsterdam to talk, play and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of STEIM.

 Jeroen Uyttendaele and Dewi de Vree, GroundPhoto: Justin Bennet

iii is a platform that has been taking form during the past year out of the desire to share processes revolving around the development and presentation of self-made, performative media.

 Dieter Vandoren, Drift

We meet to search for the outlines and to discuss the common specificities of our practices, as well as to try out new ideas for collaborative works and to plan future activities.

Wen Chin Fu, OHHO

We rapidly take over the studios and guesthouse (thanks Nico!) – experiencing STEIM  and its facilities as a quasi self-sufficient organism, embedded but also autonomous from the city around it.

Erfan Abdi, Notesaaz .  Photo: Justin Bennet

With the exception of a few short expeditions to gather supplies, we remain within the building, shuffling up and down the steep stairwell from the dark rooms on the ground floor to the luminous apartments above, where we find magazines portraying human female breasts placed besides journals dedicated to highly abstract topics.

The residency culminates on sunday by opening up to the public with No Patent Pending #2. Kristina Andersen, Justin Bennet and Joel Ryan join us during the afternoon to take part in an open discussion. We talk about strategies for maintaining, as non-experts, autonomous research trajectories that invade (and then quickly escape) academic and artistic confines.

In  the evening we present a program of performances including existing works and several new pieces developed on site.

A big thanks to STEIM for hosting us and to Stroom Den Haag for supporting our initiative.

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