tempus fugit

Blijburg session


Musicaerial September 2 Lepelenburg Park, Utrecht

Musicaerial & Frouke Wiarda, framgents ‘tempus fugit ‘ Bart de Vrees    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cHBbNJOpbI

Christina Viola Oorebeek  

‘tempus fugit’ for solo percussion & electronic                                                          [:soundwheel: toy piano tines:kite string:hourglass:]

Percussion solo: Bart de Vrees

From August 20-30th, I had the opportunity to work at STEIM on a
new work for the project ‘Musicaerial’. Frouke Wiarda conceived and organized the project, which had its first performance as the pre-opening of the Gaudeamus Music Week 2012 on September 2 in Lepelenburg Park in Utrecht.

In the studio Bart and I experimented with the sections of the piece using the soundwheel I developed, toy piano tines and other small percussion instruments. The interaction with the kite was done by Bart plucking and playing on the amplified kite string. For that, we had sessions at Blijburg, the “new beach” in Amsterdam with Frouke as kite master, trying out live sampling with a portable amp/speaker unit.                                                                                                  The sound differed from session to session, as well as at the performance, as the kite strings need to be changed according to the velocity of the wind. At the performance, a relatively
thin one was used, which happily produced a crisp and well-defined pitch, mixed with wind. The live sampling and interaction with the kite could only be imagined and reconstructed in the studio through field recordings of the sessions.

Bart de Vrees, percussionist and composer, is great to work with. His performance at the Gaudeamus Week was stellar, his chops on the kite string were awesome and his input and feedback in the work process, inspiring. Reason to continue the collaboration!

Doing a piece in a fluid compositional form, with room for improvisation, in a park, meant trying to develop a strategy full of contingencies. There were many unpredictable elements:

_the weather, obviously                                                                                                                       _no rehearsal with the sound system                                                                                               _the varying sonorities of the kite string, and more.

I was using Max/Msp for the first time, an addition to Lisa and Junxion, which I have used intermittently in the last years in work with electronics. Throughout this new residency, Daniel Schorno, composer-performer and adivsor at STEIM,  provided excellent advice with the setup, as well as offering valuable feedback and new ideas in the artistic concept and realisation of “tempus fugit”. His broad experience and background in ‘classical’ and improvised music in the digital-and-or-acoustic worlds, plus his artist’s eye for imagery, which he so generously shares with colleagues, is a true treasure. I can only hope that he remains vitally connected with STEIM in future!

Also, I want to thank Max-mentor and valued colleague, Danny de Graan, composer-performer, for his help and for his valuable Max for Live meetings at STEIM.
And, of course, thanx to STEIM for the residency!

fragments of the work with Bart:                                                                                                         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cHBbNJOpbI

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