Black Blogses

Not knowing how to start a first entry to a blog in either an accepted format or in a catchy way which is inviting to read on, I simply say; into the deep!
Roughly seven months have past; from hitting rock bottom at STEIM’s soundbunker with the presumed dead, legendarily obscure Black Box analogue modular system to washing up on the shores of the first floor with drawers full of knobs, pots and spare parts, making me drool like a kid in a toystore…
I faced broken modules, faulty power supplies, burning leads and loads of waves, from etherial and watery to solidly piercing or low frequent rumbling waves, in many a shape. Today choice and chance collide, giving me the opportunity and time to shed some light on the progress. And write.
I could start with a basic description of the system and the individual modules but I will not, simply because it is pretty elaborate to describe and hopefully I can manage to keep you interested if I don’t give it all away in this first post.
So for now, to start with, I just want to make the following three announcements;
1 – The Black Box modules have been fully recapped, enhancing the looks beyond any manmade definition of sexyness;
2 – New six-pin Painton leads were made to make optimum use of the three-way ‘main’ power supply;
3 – a custom eigth-way power supply module was finished today to make up for the lack of the 3rd, still non-functional, original cabinet, making it possible to use a total of 24 modules.

More news and info coming soon!
All the best,
Sybren Danz

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