Timeart Ensemble meets Dutch Improvisers

During january / february 2012 we took part in the artist exchange project “musickitchen” (http://www.musickitchen.eu) during which Anne La Berge, Sven Hahne, Robert van Heumen and Matthias Muche were meeting at STEIM for preparing an electroacoustical composition for a quite large ensemble, consisting of:
Timeart Ensemble
Michel Doneda: sopranosax (FR); Sven Hahne: laptop/video (DE); Matthias Muche: trombone (DE); Daniel Riegler: trombone (AT); Leo Riegler: laptop/turntables (AT); Joris Rühl: clarinet (FR), Benjamin Maumus: spatialization (FR)
Anne La Berge: flute/laptop (NL), Robert van Heumen: laptop & controllers (NL), Felicity Provan: trumpet (NL), Oscar Jan Hoogland: elektrisch clavinet/electronics (NL), Angel Faraldo: laptop (NL)

We developed a score taking into special account the possibilities of live-sampling and interaction between the instrumentalist and the laptop players. The piece was performed on february the 2nd at TROUW/de verdieping.

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