Yesterday I had a session with Hasan Hujairi. We made about ten minutes of music for oud and live electronics, you can find a selection of this impro on soundcloud:

This is a good result for me, since it is the achievement of one of my best expectation for this lab: sharing musical experiences and backgrounds, and making them interact.

As to the technical evoution of my work, I could make sensors work through Arduino, with both junXion and a little sketch I wrote by myself. However, I did it on a breadboard but I wasn’t able to solder them to wires, even why they are too little for my not perfect sight (and even less perfect skills with solder). Moreover, only position sensors gave me a consistent and useful result, while others  (mostly pression ones) should undergo an accurate work of calibration and it would take too a long time. So I decided to use, for this time, a joystick, not very beautiful to see but very affordable, as I could observe during Frank’s workshop. Tomorrow…

Off topic: I was at the Van Gogh Museum today. I think everyone should see it at least once in his/her lifetime.

Luigi Pizzaleo

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