Andi Otto: "Fello" Development: Augmented Bow Revision 3

Fello needed to become more sturdy and reliable.
So I came back to STEIM in March 2012 in order to rework the hardware together with STEIM engineer Marije Baalman. She did a fantastic job.
So here’s the new version of the Fello hardware (cello bow plus accelerometer and pressure sensor, battery, charger, wireless transmitter & receiver).
The major changes are

  • the detached battery which I now wear on my wrist, and
  • the new LED which is wired to the Accelerometer and gives out different RGB colors depending on its tilt position
  • The first change has a practical reason, as the sensor package was too heavy to put on the bow without losing the balance totally.
    The second one, the LED, is more an aesthetic decision, it makes the augmented bow look like a piece of technology, which is helpful for an audience to experience the performance.

    After a week of rescaling and cleaning my junXion configuration, I have used the new system in a concert during the Frameworks Festival in Munich. The new sensors are fun to touch. I especially like the beautiful simplicity of the pressure sensor. Marije used two copper contacts and a piece of conductive foil for this part, very efficient and also impressively inexpensive.

    Pressure Sensor, LED, XBee (c) Marije Baalman

    Fello Detail (c) Marije Baalman

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