LiSa X

LiSa X ©is sound manipulation software ultimately designed for live sonic performance. LiSa’s functionality is centered around creating a sound field in the computer, where the performer can record and manipulate multiple sound streams on the fly.

Using live recorded sound and/or pre-stored revived sound montages; LiSa X combines the precision of studio practice with the liveliness of the stage. As a performance tool, LiSa X offers the oppertunity to use gestural input devices and control surfaces in an effective way to create augmented laptop music performances. As a specific studio tool, LiSa X allows the musician to compose and construct, play and resample multi layer sound structures with simple and fast moves.

LiSa X is built to simultaneously support: Live recording, gestural controlled playback, keyboard/control suface playback, automated pattern playback, sequencer controlled playback and immediate use and reshaping of other musicians live sound.

LiSa X has been designed by musicians for musicians and is increasingly being used by performers for its rapidity and sonic feel.

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Download Demo for OS X
Download Demo for OS 9

LiSa XC ©

LiSa XC(ore) is a universal binary application that can open and run setups created with LiSa X v1.25. FREE for download here.
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